Make People Hate Your House

How could anyone hate my house?   Mess, pets, and other things that may impact the sale.

When a buyer comes to see your house for the first time, they’ll be trying their darnedest to visualize themselves living there. They’ll see own furniture, kids running around, their future decoration plans and their schedules flowing throughout the home day in and day out.

There can be some impediments to this important process. The largest: You. Yes, you. Disassociating yourself with your home is a great tip for sellers because by depersonalizing the house, potential buyers can better see themselves living in the home. Your favourite things and knick-knacks may make it homey for you but they may not be to the tastes of others.  Allow potential buyers to imagine their own knick-knacks and comforting objects in there instead. This will also help to de-clutter your space.   It’s not just the  “essence” of you that should disappear slightly, but your physical self as well. Hanging around the home while buyers peruse will make them feel awkward and like they are snooping. Your agent is in charge of up-selling every little quality and perk – it’s what they do – so you don’t need to worry about sticking around to tell the buyers about them.

General messiness or uncleanliness such as dirty laundry, shoes or undergarments on the floor and on beds is also very unappealing. Give your home a room-by-room thorough cleaning. Any bug problems should also be dealt with before the house goes up for sale. Take a scrutinizing walk around your home. Pet droppings in the yard, a grungy bathtub, gutters with plants sticking out of them – what have you grown used to that you don’t notice anymore? Have a friend come over and take a walk around with you. They might not be used to your home and are able to offer advice from a fresh set of eyes and nose – they may smell pet or cigarette odors you don’t. Ensure your pets, especially dogs are kept away during showings. Not all people are dog people and who appreciate your furry pals jumping up to say “hi”.

Some adjustments might be a little larger than simply moving things around. Don’t forget to make obvious repairs or maintenance when it comes to your home and gardens. If potential buyers see anything along those lines in disrepair it will set the “what else hasn’t been done” wheels in motion. Dimly lit rooms, ugly wallpaper and damp basements are also buyer turnoffs. Many buyers are looking for a home they can make their own, and these are just some of the things that will help that home be the one you’re selling.



One response to “Make People Hate Your House

  1. Great ideas here which make so much sense.

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