Your House is “Stale” – What to Do?

When your house has been on the market for several months, and you find that less buyers are passing through, and no offers are coming in, you will have to realize that your house is “stale”.

In today’s market, if your house has not been able to sell, then there are several problems that your house can have.

The main problem is that houses are overpriced, even in the market today where prices have continuously increased due to less inventory and people wanting to make purchases while the low mortgage rates are around.

Now you can take the easy road and lower your price, however you will tend to find that once a buyer sees your house has dropped significantly, they will want an even further drop in the price while they are negotiating with you.

Your best bet to get a fair price is to take your house off the market, and fix it up a bit.

Give it a fresh coat of paint in areas that need it, upgrade and fix any problems you might have heard from potential buyers throughout the past months on why your house was not the one for them.

You will find yourself spending a bit of money to get all of this done, however as your house is an investment, you should be seeing a return soon.

By doing any fixes to the house, you will be able to not only get the price you want, but possibly a higher price because your house is more desirable now.

The only problem you have now is that potential buyers may or may not know that your house was on the market previously and was taken off for a few months before being put back on.

Generally, the potential buyer will not know this at first glance, however as they become more serious about the house, they will find out all of the information on it, and that it was listed before.

When that happens, they might try to negotiate a price drop, but seeing as you improved the house further before putting it back on the market, this should not affect you by much.

At most, they will inspect your house even further, hoping to find a fault as to why the house was relisted.

Seeing as you fixed any problems the house might have had, you are ensuring that nothing significant will be found that can lower the price of your house.


One response to “Your House is “Stale” – What to Do?

  1. I agree with your suggestions because I have helped many people sell their home by doing very small restorations that cost them less than $1000. That’s better than dropping the price $10 or $20 thousand.
    A nice fresh coat of paint and patched up walls can do wonders when selling a home.

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