Pets & Real Estate

Pets can make many people uncomfortable, whether they are non-animal lovers at heart or bird lovers approached by your loud, bouncing, slobbery dog. While your love-muffin of a cat is certainly adorable as it shreds the arms of your easy chair and munches on electrical cords, that might only be your perception.

Many people can merely dislike or have a rational phobia when it comes to other people’s pets. When these pets are living in a home they are looking at with the intent to buy, they may be an obstacle that prevents you from getting your asking price or even selling the home at all.

If relocating your pet to outside or a kennel during the open house process is possible, this can be a great option for clearing your house of the pet or pets in question. If not, place them in a carrier and with a note asking people not to bother them. The last thing you would want is for a potential buyer to be bitten or scratched because they tried to interact with your pet.

Remove all signs of the pet from your home. This allows the buyer to be objective when looking at your home, and won’t distract them by making them focus on what they’ll be doing differently with regard to the pet evidence that they see all around them.

Don’t provide photos of your home for listings that include the cat curled up in the corner, and be sure to put away the food and water bowls when they’re not being used, pack up all cages and carriers, remove photos from the refrigerator and pack up any toys or scratching posts that are laying around. No one wants to open up the bathroom door and stumble upon an overflowing cat box or remnants of kitty litter crunched into the floor.

Enzyme cleaners and professional companies can assist you with removing more stubborn stains and odors, while air fresheners will only provide a temporary cover up and might trigger allergies with regards to open house guests.

Living with pets for so long, little smells and the shred marks on your floor can easily go unnoticed as you get used to them. Fur, pet stains and dander leave a lot of smells, and your pets are marking their territory constantly regardless of whether or not you notice it. When your cat slinks up against your legs, rubs its face on door frames or uses a scratching post, it is leaving its scent around the home and on you. Keep your pets bathed and groomed, vacuum often, and have a friend or neighbour come around to your home to give you a fresh nose and perspective as to whether your home has any lasting smells.


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