Curb Appeal in the Winter

With us seeing more snow fall in the past week, we are reminded how beautiful it can be, however at the same time we are remembered what else it can bring.

Fresh snow will bring us a beautiful sight, however once the snow sits for a few days, cars drive over it, etc, we see that it becomes an unsightly color, one of which is not very appealing.

It was not as much snow this week, with minimal shovelling, however for when you have a house on the market, there are several tips you should keep in mind to ensure your house is shown at its best.

When showing in winter, you should not forget that curb appeal is still important, despite what the season is.

For winter, you have to ensure that your driveway is always immaculate.

Look at your driveway as how you would keep your lawn in the earlier months. By that, you have to shovel the entire driveway without fail, and always keep youth driveway seen.

Do not do a halfway job but shovelling half of the driveway, or not even shovelling at all.

Once you have shovelled down to the ground, place ice salt to ensure freezing does not occur, and that your driveway shows great.

Now one of the hardest things to do is to keep your lawn looking perfect. By saying that I mean keeping footprints out of the yard, and if you have children, we all know it is especially fun.

I am not saying this to ruin the fun for your children, however if a house’ yard is encompassed of many footprints, you will find that at a distance, it does not look as great as houses which are smooth and clean in the front.

If you do decide to decorate your house for the season, try to stay away from placing too many lights and colors.

Keep it clean and simple, try to only use one two colors, with the best choice being white light. It will show well during the day and of course great at night when you turn them on, keep in mind that you will find your showings will happen closer to nightfall, so having great lights will definitely benefit you.

By following the few points I have mentioned, you will be able to still have great curb appeal throughout the winter, despite whatever people might think.


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