Essential tools to always have on hand

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones, and your spouse doesn’t get a little twitchy in the wallet while strolling through the tool aisle at Home Depot. Even if you’re not very handy, it’s important to have a few basic tools on hand for general home maintenance or repair, especially if your home is about to hit the market.

Cordless drill

A cordless drill with two battery packs can be sufficient as the only power tool you ever really need to own. When you forget about it and the battery dies, the alternate battery pack is charged and ready to go for whatever small job you need it for. Jobs like hanging up pictures, curtains or light fixtures and building shelves can all be completed with the assistance of a cordless drill. Keep in mind the bits your drill comes with originally may not be enough, and ensuring you’ve got at least one masonry bit (so you can drill through concrete) as well as a spiral-shaped bit will let you use your drill for pretty much anything.


The potential uses are limitless: gripping wires, holding and turning objects in tight spaces, pulling teeth or deboning fish filets before dinner. There are a million and one uses for pliers and they can come in handy in the most unlikely of situations.

Utility Knife

A high-quality, sharp utility knife can be your go-to tool for cutting open boxes, opening plastic packaging, trimming vinyl flooring as well as any general whittling and slicing.

Tape measure

This one is pretty straight forward. Tape measures can come with loads of fancy features that stop just short of walking the tape across the room to measure for you (although, you never know) but one that measures effectively and accurately can usually be found at the dollar store.


An all-purpose hammer can help with small jobs like putting together furniture, building things and hanging pictures.

A toolbox

The time may come when you’re in the middle of ordering new curtains and can’t find the tape measure to determine if the curtains you like will fit your windows. No matter how many tools you have, a small toolbox can go a long way with keeping your tools organized and at the ready whenever you need them, and try to make it a family rule to always return tools to the toolbox.


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