Toronto Projects

The Toronto Star published an extensive list of updates to major projects that are or were slated for development soon in the Greater Toronto Area. Some might sound familiar and when you heard about them the first time you might have thought “hmm, that sounds interesting, I’d like to go there one day,” and then without another word for months, like many other Torontonians, you may have stopped caring.

Exhibition Place was one public space expected to be given a complete overhaul that included a $49 million renovation. According to the Toronto Star and Exhibition Place chair Dianne Young, the project is ahead of schedule and a giant convention centre hotel, if approved, may break ground by the end of next year.

Remember the the Ripley’s Aquarium, the 14,000 square-metre development slated for the base of the CN tower? Final approval still has to come from city council and isn’t expected until at least August. There was a bylaw issue with the land zoning, and the land can’t be zoned for an aquarium as it stands, so that will have to be resolved.

The Toronto Island Tunnel that was supposed to provide pedestrians with a route from under Lake Ontario to the Island Airport is sort of underway, but has been abandoned by the Toronto Port Authority and the government may no longer be involved at all. Now, the project is using private investors and may incorporate user fees to help pay for the rest of the project.

A massive $400 million project for a development in Wasaga Beach that would include a monorail, amusement park and condominiums has also been completely canned after a fire damaged the development area.

For more project updates, visit the Toronto Star website:–what-s-going-on-with-10-major-projects-around-the-gta?bn=1



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