Toronto Landmarks: The Scarborough Bluffs

A landmark doesn’t always have to be an older building, a monument, a famous entertainment venue or a sky-scraping tower. It can also be a gorgeous and breathtaking chunk of nature, as evidenced by the Scarborough Bluffs. A landmark for sure, the bluffs were created through erosion after the last ice age and are thousands of years old.

At their highest point, the bluffs are 65 metres (or almost 17 storeys) above the surface of Lake Ontario and in total they stretch across approximately 14 kilometres of shoreline. The area also includes Bluffer’s Park, a large picnic area, a number of smaller parks and hiking trails. Scarborough Bluffers Park Marina is also home to a full-service pub and restaurant, along with marine services, marina facilities and a boat canvas cover shop.

Just take Brimley Road as far south as it will go to reach Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough Bluffs Park, Cathedral Bluffs Park and all of the rest of the parkland and unique sights on either side.

One would ordinarily see such a similar sight along the isolated and tumultuous cliff-lined shores of an ocean, but they’re in Toronto’s own backyard – the Scarborough Bluffs are an unexpected natural landmark that’s very close to the city. They’re famous, but few Torontonians ever visit them during their time in the city. Take a day this summer and go for a beautiful bike ride of hike around the Scarborough Bluffs.


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