Toronto makes new Canadian Monopoly Game

The ultimate real estate buying, selling and trading board game has announced its layout for the new Canadian version of Monopoly.  Twenty-two Canadian cities were added to the Canadian edition of the famous board game, after a Canada-wide contest that lasted six weeks and invited all Canadians to vote for cities they wanted to see included, 65 of which were selected. Cities that were added to the game also include Ottawa, Banff, Kawartha Lakes, Kelowna, Montreal and Vancouver.

Toronto is on the list, but it didn’t wind up as the most coveted property in the usual Boardwalk location, that went to Chatham-Kent, presenting the dreaded, highest rent charges in the entire country. Toronto is resigned to the pale blue places along with Vancouver and Ottawa, the second-cheapest set of property on the entire board.

The second-highest priced property, usually Park Place, went to Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu in Quebec.

“We hope that Canadian Monopoly fans will enjoy playing on a game board that includes and interesting mix of our cities featuring all of the dynamic cultures, sights  and history of this country,” said Hasbro, the makers of the Monopoly game, in a statement.


One response to “Toronto makes new Canadian Monopoly Game

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