New GTA Condominium takes “green” to a new level

While other condominium developments springing up across the city of Toronto promise green rooftop terraces, LEED-certified construction and sustainable materials, the Limelight condominium building in Mississauga will be offering its residents garden plots.

Not just for residents, but with the opportunity to provide food for community initiatives like Food Share. Food Share is a non-profit that aims to tackle hunger by working with food from the field to the table.

The vice president of the planning corporation for the condominium development thinks that these garden plots will provide families with children a better understanding of where their food comes from while living in an urban setting.

“The plots are conceptual at this stage so there’s a labyrinth of different sizes. But the condo board will establish a gardening committee and decide how to divide or create communal plots. We have partnered with Food Share before and they can help decide what is needed and would grow best,” he told the Toronto Star.

Along with the garden plots, the condominium building features a green spotlight from the roof, 22 storeys and 6 floors of retail space underneath the garden plots.

This is an interesting take on urban gardening that allows condominium owners to give back to their communities while not losing out on the opportunity to learn about gardening and teach their children about sustainable food. It’s definitely a push in the right direction when creating a hospitable environment for families in Toronto condos.


One response to “New GTA Condominium takes “green” to a new level

  1. Drumming yourself up a buyer’s agent can never hurt, particularly for those who are based out of town and cannot be present for a lot of the tedious work involved with finding and purchasing a home or condo.

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