New Qualifications for Home Inspectors in Ontario

Home Inspectors in Ontario change qualification system

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors has decided that it will change its qualification and certification system for home inspectors in Ontario. These changes will, according to the association, create higher-quality inspections and better consumer protection.

In British Columbia, home inspectors have had to be licensed since 2009. Now, home inspectors in Ontario appear to be following suit. The changes are also in anticipation of the possibility of mandatory licensing being introduced next year, which has been recommended by several regulatory bodies in the province.

Home inspectors in Ontario painted in a negative light

Buying a home in Ontario without a home inspection is a bad idea, and without one home buyers can be left dealing with serious problems that weren’t caught before they bought the property. But no one is currently inspecting the inspectors: to quote Mike Holmes in one of his columns, “In a house purchase, every step is regulated in some way by government. Everyone is licensed: the real estate brokers and agents who sell houses, the banks who lend money, the lawyers who oversee the land transfer, the insurers who cover the house, but not home inspectors.”

Membership in the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is voluntary, and the industry is largely unregulated in Canada with the exception of the new licensing requirements in B.C. – the only province so far to implement them.

Earlier this year, a CBC marketplace story in January followed Holmes and a reporter who hired four separate home inspectors to inspect a home that had glaring signs of being used as a former grow-op (which can pose major fire and health hazards for new owners). All four missed the signs, leading to a call for more regulation of home inspectors in Ontario.


2 responses to “New Qualifications for Home Inspectors in Ontario

  1. Yes, when buying a home you are told that you would be stupid not to have a home inspector go through your home. You pay money to trust that someone knows what they are looking for and will tell you. Ha, three years later – we are selling the house. Had another home inpsector do a presale inspection and boy oh boy, $20, 000 later, we have fixed problems that were here before we bought and no mention of them on our intitial pre purchase inspection! Cant do a thing because she put all kinds of ‘inspector is not liable for anything that may have been missed’. They take advantage of the excitement you are in about buying a home, tell you what they think you want to hear. NO, tell me what I need to know! I am so angry right now. NO referrals from me, only negative ones.

  2. There are a lot of poor home inspectors out there. I was cheated by 3 different guys who were “posing” as home inspectors before I found one that I could trust. He specializes in first time home buyers and really takes the time to go through everything in detail. I’d recommend him to anyone…his name is Mike 416-668-5131

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