Common Real Estate Scams To Avoid Part 2: Renovation And Improvement Scams

Home improvement scams can affect even the most diligent homeowners. But if you’re worried about keeping your home in tip top shape in order to sell it, you might be hearing all kinds of things regarding various inspections you should undergo and things you need to test for. In some cases, you could be taken advantage of.

Radon In Toronto

Radon is an odourless, colourless radioactive gas. It’s all around us, but it can build up to unsafe levels in homes – usually through the basement. Ontario and Nova Scotia tend to have a higher number of homes with unsafe levels because of their soil content (it’s the breakdown of uranium in the soil that releases radon gas), but recent stats from Health Canada show that the Greater Toronto Area has a much lower number of homes with unsafe levels. You can do your own radon testing at home instead of hiring a radon mitigation company, which may or may not be licensed. Testing kits are available online or at big-box home improvement stores, usually costing less than $40. It’ll save you from dealing with a radon inspector who finds imaginary radon that they then have to mitigate for a high fee.

For more information on radon in Toronto, read our Muddy York Blog posting here.

Mold Removal In Toronto

Similar to the radon scams, always obtain a second opinion or use a licensed mold removal company that offers references. This also goes for termites and other pest control problems you may encounter.

Fireplace, chimney and gas stove cleaning in Toronto

Chimney cleaning is an important part of regular maintenance, and you’ll likely have it done before putting your home up for sale. A common scam is for some chimney cleaners to claim that your chimney needs a lot of repairs: maybe it’s cracked or needs a new liner. If this does happen, obtain a second opinion to see if these suggestions are legitimate. If you’ve got a gas fireplace, ensure that a TSSA-licensed gas fitter inspects and cleans your unit before selling your home.

If you’re planning on putting your Toronto-area home up for sale, you could undergo a home inspection. This will save time later, and you’ll know if anything should be fixed beforehand. This way, you have the option of making these repairs on the advice of a home inspector and increasing your price accordingly, or decreasing the price accordingly without making the repairs. The home inspection will cover issues like mold, termites and the chimney, without making the homeowner sift through several different contractors.


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