How Many Toronto Homeowners Move Because Of Their Neighbours?

A great many things can prompt Toronto homeowners to move, but neighbour problems aren’t a major cause for concern because they don’t usually continue after a polite note has changed hands or a call to Bylaw has transpired.

A new report by Halifax Home Insurance is saying that 360,000 people (about 1 in 10) in the United Kingdom move every year because of neighbour issues, which is more people per year than those who move to be closer to family or a better school.

Aggressive behaviour, excessive noise, a messy yard, lack of home maintenance, theft and general nosiness are all reasons why people in the United Kingdom move to get away from their current neighbours.

There is even a support forum set up to offer helpful advice: Neighbours From Hell in Britain ( In the United Kingdom, disclosing problem neighbours to potential home buyers is actually the law, which is thankfully not the case in Canada.

In the United Kingdom, difficult neighbours are estimated to pull property values down by about $47,000, which is quite a hefty chunk of change (or pounds) for anyone thinking of selling their home.

In Toronto, people normally move to downsize, upsize or wait for their home or condominium’s value to appreciate over the years and then move. We’re pretty lucky that way.

Have you ever moved because of a nasty neighbour?


3 responses to “How Many Toronto Homeowners Move Because Of Their Neighbours?

  1. Yes. Neighbhood changed and people were so loud I couldn’t hear TV. Noise ordances are a joke. Had to sell and move. Then neighbour died next door, new people moved in, again, incredible noise – music. I live in a detached house and this shouldn’t be happening. But the laws suck.

  2. I am moving and I am going to make sure to get revenge after I move

  3. This happens more often than you may think. There should be strict penalties for offenders, yet nothing is done. Instead, you are left to deal with the issues yourself. Trash neighbors are everywhere in toronto. I’ve complained about my jerk upstairs neighbors for years of anti-social behavior. Daily parties until 5am complete with screaming & stomping and other obnoxious behavior, stealing parking spots of other condo unit owners,etc, but nothing is ever done about it. People should lose their homes for such things, whether owner or renter, yet it is the victimized individual who is forced into the inconvenience of moving. Management, Law Enforcement, even courts don’t want to deal with the issue so what can you do? April: Let us know how your revenge scheme works out.

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