Spring Cleaning In Toronto: Toronto Garbage Pickup

Toronto hazardous waste and big item pick-ups

It’s spring cleaning time in Toronto, as homeowners try and clear out the clutter that’s taking up space around the house. Decluttering is also a great start to properly staging your home and getting it ready to sell.

Some items can be donated or sold at a garage sale, but what about everything else? Knowing where you can take these items or what can be picked up from your curb is one way to prevent your garage from just being a storage space for more clutter while you decide what to do it unwanted items.

Large Items

Large items such as toilets, skis, mattresses, furniture, lamps and luggage – items too big to simply throw away in a trash can – will be picked up by the City of Toronto for free. The city then recycles them or donates them, depending on what the items are or their condition. Some large items may be picked up curbside and can be left out with regular garbage.

Hazardous Items

Hazardous items include cleaning products, motor oil, paints, propane tanks, batteries or other items that contain toxic materials that cannot go to a landfill. There are Drop-Off Depots across the city to deal with these items, and they can be dropped off here. Free pickup is also available from the Toxic Taxi, which will take up to 50 kg of toxic household waste. Appointments can be made by calling 311.

A list of organizations that take in various items can also be found here.



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  1. Wow a very informational article, Thanks for the reminders.

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