Canadian Eco-Energy Renovation Program Renewed

Through the newly-renewed ecoENERGY program, homeowners can get up to $5,000 in government rebates, and Natural Resources Canada says those who participated last year saved about 20 per cent on their energy bills – which can go a long way towards impressing potential buyers when you sell your home.

“Our government is committed to easing the burden of high energy costs on Canadians and putting more money back in their pockets,” said Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources in a press release. “With this program, Canadians can make their homes more energy-efficient and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada,” he said.

To begin, Canadian homeowners have to undergo a process similar to the previous home energy audit, now called a pre-retrofit evaluation. The evaluation will make recommendations as to the renovations that can be completed, and upon finishing these renovations homeowners will undergo a second evaluation to qualify for their rebates. This second evaluation must be done by March 31, 2012. In addition, homeowners must register with the program directly and save their renovation receipts to show during the post-retrofit evaluation.

“Canadians can apply today,” said Member of Parliament Jacques Gourde in Quebec City. “Especially during summer and construction season, we want as many Canadians as possible to take advantage of this grant,” he said.

Homeowners who want to get started can visit this website in order to begin the process.



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