New RBC Poll: Canadians Say It Makes Sense To Buy A House Now

According to the 19th Annual RBC Homeownership Poll, 59 per cent of Canadians think that buying a home now makes the most sense as opposed to 41 per cent who want to wait until next year.

Most Canadians, or 88 per cent, feel that a home is a good investment while 68 per cent feel that their home has gained value over the last 24 months.

“There’s a mix of opinions on the housing market, as Canadians still feel confident about real estate but are a little uncertain about where the market is heading and when it makes sense to buy,” said the head of home equity financing for RBC, Marcia Moffat. “Considerations such as affordability and available housing choices may be the difference between intent and reality when purchasing a home,” she said.

Almost 75 per cent of Canadians feel that they’d be find if home prices were to take a downturn.

“Steady as she goes seems to be the order of the day here, as more Canadians see stable home prices and mortgage rates over the next year,” Moffat added. “There’s a lot of information out there. Getting advice from a mortgage specialist on financing options and the all-in costs of home ownership can help you make an informed decision.”

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