How Does Toronto Feel About The Toronto Land Transfer Tax?

Earlier this summer, the Toronto Real Estate Board conducted a poll of Toronto residents on the Toronto Land Transfer Tax in conjunction with the launch of its campaign to have the tax repealed.

“Realtors know that the Toronto Land Transfer Tax is having an impact on our city, and these poll results show that the public understands this too,” said a press release on the poll. “The Toronto Land Transfer Tax is impacting real people and real jobs and it’s holding our city back. It’s time for action.”

The poll contains lots of information, including that 77 per cent of people in Toronto who had bought a home in recent months felt they didn’t receive any value for the amount of tax paid.

For more highlights, click here.

“Public opinion on the Toronto land Transfer Tax has remained consistent through all the ups and downs of the economy and city hall debates,” continued the release, “Clearly, the public’s opposition to this tax is strong. We understand the importance of quality services to building a great city, but we believe that those services should be funded fairly and reliably.”


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