What’s The Germiest Place In Canadian Homes?

It’s almost cold and flu season, and a study on household hygiene has found that Canadians don’t pay as much attention as they should to their dish towel cleanliness.

Dishtowels in the 20 Canadian homes and nearly 200 surveyed around the world by the Hygiene Council were found to be covered in more bacteria than the bathroom floor.

The Hygiene Council is an organization composed of specialists in various fields like public health, virology and infectious diseases. The Council recommends air-drying dishes, washing dishtowels in the laundry or in the dishwasher on a daily basis, and using separate towels for hands or wiping down sticky toddler faces.

When compared to homes from other countries, Canadians had cleaner refrigerators and bathtubs than most. However, 20 per cent of our dishtowels were infested with bacteria, with one in 10 dish towels containing E. coli bacteria. Sponges and rags used for cleaning are also covered in more germs than anywhere else in a home.

According to the Hygiene Council, some good came from the 2002 SARS outbreak because ever since then, Canadian hands have never been cleaner. Canadian computer keyboards, computer mice and tea kettle handles – things we touch with our hands – all turned up spotless, probably thanks to frequent hand washing.


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