A few things to check for in a new home before you commit

A home inspector is necessary for the successful and worry-free purchase of a new home. However, they are costly, and if the home is going to be a problematic write-off that you won’t end up purchasing anyway, it’s a lot easier to know in advance whether you should go ahead with the home inspector costs to check out your home, or just avoid the home all together and keep on looking. This will save yourself the cost of the home inspection for a house that is too problematic anyway. Some things to look for to see if the home is even worth bothering with in the first place include checking out the structural integrity and safety:


Make sure the home has a solid, sturdy structure with no bending or bowing and square, even corners. Is there any evidence of water damage? Check the kitchen and bathroom for quality fixtures and decent water pressure, and don’t forget the shower! Nothing is worse than hopping into the shower for the first time and realizing you’re in for poor quality, weak spray.

Does the home possibly need remodeling? How old are the appliances? A new furnace can cost upwards of $5,000 and older models will eventually need to be replaced due to a lack of efficiency and high energy prices.
Don’t neglect to look over the outside. Large cracks in sidewalks and driveway pavement can be an eye sore that will lead to trouble or sunken spots down the line which are costly to fix.
What kind of neighbourhood is the house in? Is it mostly full of retirees and families with small children, or is it near a university and populated with students renting homes together who will be throwing loud drunken parties? Is it near a highway, busy road or other dangerous source of traffic?
Check out the house at night. Do the lights from the nearby mall parking lot cast your bedroom in an eerie, distracting glow? Depending on your lifestyle or family situation, you might want it dark outside at night or well-lit with increased visibility.
Canada does not have a nation-wide searchable sex-offender database like the United States, but many police departments maintain updated records of incidents on their website. For example, the Toronto Police Department has broken down shootings, stabbings, burglaries and assaults by neighbourhood online.


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