Is a condominium right for you?

Condominiums and houses both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to decide which of those advantages and disadvantages best suit your family situation and lifestyle.

Condominiums offer a lot more convenience and a lot less traveling than a home. More often than not there are grocery stores, pharmacies and public transportation very close by and people who live in condominiums are much less reliant on cars.
This convenience is often amplified by the amount of amenities that are available within the building itself, such as party rooms, saunas, pools, meeting rooms and even bowling alleys if you’re lucky.

Condominiums also require a significantly less amount of responsibility than a home. For example, there are far fewer repairs to make or things to take care of like gardening, driveways, roofs or dealing with plumbers and contractors. There’s less space, but this is a great thing if you don’t want several floors of house cleaning to maintain on a weekly basis. You also don’t need to have anyone take in your mail or the newspaper, and leaving to go on a vacation is much less complicated.

That said, homes offer a ton of advantages too. Those who are more independent and private may enjoy a home much more than a condominium because of the stability of the area, the freedom of owning as many pets as you like and the lack of rules and regulations. While condominium rules are there to make the building more livable and safe for everyone, you might want to have a bit more freedom in how you conduct your life. Noise is also a large complaint with condominiums, and that can be lessened in a home depending on the distance between houses, but if a neighbour is being too loud you’ll have to call the police instead of the security downstairs.

No matter which you choose, a condominium or a home will both bring with them many of the advantages of home ownership, and dealing with the disadvantages is just a matter of personal preference.


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