New Real Estate Scam In Canada Uses Clone Websites

According to this CBC Article, a real estate scam is becoming more common in Canada that uses clone websites to copy legitimate listings.

The article tells the story of one woman in Ottawa who had listed her condo on several real estate websites and classifieds for $260,000, only to find the same condo with her own pictures being listed for sale for $108,000 on a different website. A CBC journalist called the number on the fake website posing as a buyer, and was told that there was a couple of interested buyers and that the seller was under financial stress and needed money fast.

The journalist was then asked to deposit $12,000 in a bank account after which he would be contacted by the seller’s lawyer, to which the seller provided a website for. However, the Law Society of Ontario does not recognize the law firm and the phone numbers are not active.

This shows that scammers are going to increasing lengths to take people’s money, and that buyers would be suspicious of homes that have very low prices or different prices on different websites. If you are selling a home, consider watermarking your photos to prevent others from stealing them.


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