5 More Home Staging Tips For Selling Your Toronto Home

Spend on appliances. If you’re going to be updating certain components of your home but aren’t going to go all out, make sure your appliances are in the “do” category. This will add tremendous value to your home and this investment will have a higher return.

Update your hardwood. Many homes in Toronto are older, and these homes’ hardwood floors have seen a lot. If they’re dented, scratched or otherwise shabby, you can rent a power sander and re-stain them.

Fill in the gaps. If you have a section of wall that’s begging for a final touch, consider installing a built-in book shelf. This provides buyers with added storage and makes barren walls look complete.

Declutter your home. The less clutter, the more spacious your home will look. Consider renting a storage locker to put any extra furniture for a clean-looking, spacious open hours.

Remove yourself. Personal touches like family photographs can distract buyers. Buyers need to be able to see themselves living there, and seeing your family all around them doesn’t help.


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