Do You Really Need A Home Inspection?

A home will probably the biggest investment you ever make, which means you want to ensure that it’s a wise one. So, is a home inspection really worth it?

The answer is always: yes. A home inspection checks for things that you as a buyer can’t necessarily see – things that might be sub par, despite the visual appearance of the home.

These things can include vital systems like plumbing, the roof, the electrical wiring, cooling systems, heating systems and the foundation. In other words, a home inspection that costs a few hundred dollars can tell you if there’s any hidden problems with the parts of the home that will be the most expensive to fix later on down the road.

And while in many cases the buyer will be fronting this cost, it’s becoming more common for sellers to offer to provide home inspection reports. In addition, you can use the findings of a home inspection to negotiate your price as a buyer.






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