What Is A Property Survey And Why Do You Need One?

Many of the homes in Toronto are not new, but have been through multiple buyers and sellers over the years. This adds to their character and their history, but it also means the original property surveys for the homes could be sort of lost.

A property survey is a map of your property that indicates the official boundaries, right-of-ways and easements. It lets you know exactly where your property ends, and what’s yours (for example, that really nice big tree that hangs over both your and your neighbor’s backyards).

If you want to install a fence, a swimming pool or anything else on your property it’s wise to have an updated property survey – in fact, many lenders will ask for a property survey before fronting the money for a mortgage on a home.
For more on property or land surveys and why they’re important, check out this column by Toronto real estate lawyer Bob Aaron.




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