Tips For A Successful Open House

Open houses! Some sellers love them, other sellers don’t. But having an open house can be one of the best ways to let potential buyers see your home in the best possible light. However, many first-time sellers can make common mistakes that can affect the presentation of their home. If you’re having an open house, make sure you:

Have a clean house: Obviously, but his is one time when hiring a professional company to handle your cleaning is a great idea and definitely worth the money. Your home will be spotless and ready to impress potential buyers.

Avoid scents: Artificial scents can bother certain people who have allergies, so your home simply smell fresh and clean.

Aren’t there. Don’t be at your own open house! With the right precautions (discussed below), there’s no need for you to be at your own open house. Your agent will handle everything, and your presence can make prospective buyers nervous.

Remove personal items and valuables: Personal items are like you, they make prospective buyers uncomfortable and unable to imagine themselves living in your home – difficult to do if there’s a bunch of family portraits lining the walls. In addition, remove your valuables and prescription medications for some peace of mind.


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