CREA Launches Video Series To Help Home Buyers

The Canadian Real Estate Association has been posting videos every Tuesday and Thursday this month in collaboration with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to help outline key terms for home buyers.

“Every day, Realtors are on the front lines dealing with financial literacy,” said the president of the Canadian Real Estate Association, Beth Crosbie. “I’m proud that we’re helping consumers become more knowledgeable by providing videos that explain key terms and concepts. These are skills they’ll need to make an informed, responsible decision about homeownership.”

The videos can be found on the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Youtube Channel here.

Lucie Tedesco, the Commissioner of the FCAC, said that, “Two years ago almost to the day, the Canadian Real Estate Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada launched the Homebuyers’ Road Map to empower consumers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions about one of the largest purchases they will ever make. The videos launched today – fittingly during Financial Literacy Month – are an excellent way to promote this guide on social media and other channels to help consumers make the right decisions when it comes to mortgages.”


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