Visiting An Open House? Pay Attention To These Tips

Be nice: Homes that are absolutely flawless are few and far between. You may very well have your own criticisms for the house you’re visiting, but keep in mind that for the time being you are still in someone else’s home and you never know who could be listening or how that will affect your chances of buying should you end up deciding that you’re interested.

Don’t hesitate to ask, but at least ask: It’s not uncommon for open house guests to want to take photos of a home, but it’s always polite to ask before you do.

Take notes: If you notice people leaving the open house rather quickly, they may have discovered something you haven’t. Take note of things to ask later on or that you want more information about, but don’t hesitate to discuss things with other prospective buyers either.

Your agent is on your side: Your agent is your go-to resource when it comes to anything you want to know about a specific home, or things you’re unclear on. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions that pop up before, during or after an open house.

What are your best open house tips for buyers?



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