4 Tips For Staging Your Home

Remove yourself. Your realtor can handle showing your home without you, and potential buyers might feel a little weird if you’re there while they’re traipsing through your house. It’s always best to leave any showing in your agent’s capable hands, and it’s a good idea to take your pets with you or ask someone to watch them during showings.

Remove the rest. One of the most important components of getting your home ready to sell is ensuring that you’ve removed any and all clutter. Not just personal objects and decorations, but anything extra that can be put into storage for the time being. This includes small appliances and larger furniture, where possible.

Let the light in. A well-lit home is an appealing home, and if you have the space in your budget you could also benefit from the placement of mirrors and lamps around your home. This will make your home look even bigger and brighter when it comes time to show it, especially if there isn’t much natural light available.

Freshen up. If you have “good” or guest towels and linens, it’s time to break them out so that your home looks as fresh and clean as possible. In addition to looking fresh, you want your home to smell as fresh as possible. Consider using fresh flowers, baking or coffee to make your home smell welcoming, but avoid harsh artificial air fresheners.


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