Hiring A Real Estate Agent? Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask

Do you have references? You should never feel awkward about asking this question when the person you’re asking is tasked with making the biggest investment of your life a smooth transaction. A great real estate agent should be more than happy to provide references from happy former clients.

What are the fees or commissions that I will be paying? If you are using a buyer’s agent, technically they are paid by the seller and not the buyer. However, it’s always good to be upfront with your real estate agent and have your and their expectations both clearly outlined so there are no surprises.

What experience do you have? It seems obvious that a real estate agent knows how to sell or buy a home, and that the process or paperwork is pretty similar each time. However, real estate is not simple. There are many different types of real estate and all kinds of diverse neighbourhoods in our city. It would benefit you if your real estate agent is experienced in, for example, condo sales in your desired neighbourhood if you’re looking for a condo.

What is your process? Knowing the process your real estate agent uses to sell or buy a home can be very helpful when you’re outlining your expectations. All agents are different, and it’s good that you establish you’re on the same page early on for the smoothest transaction.

What services do you provide? Some agents will market your home one way, while others will prefer to use different methods. Services that could be provided include open houses or professional photos, among others.


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