Vermiculite And Asbestos – How Are They Related?

Almost everyone knows that asbestos is a very dangerous building material used commonly decades ago that can still cause problems today when it needs to be removed from buildings. Asbestos can cause lung cancer and other health problems.

Vermiculite insulation is often lumped in with asbestos as being dangerous to breathe in as well – but that’s because a mine in the United States, which is where the majority of vermiculite insulation comes from, was actually found to be tainted with asbestos. While vermiculite insulation in and of itself is fine, chances are if your home was build more than 20 years ago and has vermiculite insulation, it’s probably tainted.

The absolute best way to go about dealing with vermiculite insulation is to have it removed by a professional who has the proper safety equipment to ensure that the situation stays contained.

For more about asbestos and vermiculite insulation, check out Health Canada’s fact sheet here.



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