Moving Soon? Don’t Fall For These Common Moving Scams

Everyone has to move at some point in their lives, and it’s no different if you’re buying or selling a home this year. However, moving is not always an easy or stress-free process, especially if you haven’t done your research before hiring a moving company. Here are some common scams you could run into:

Illegal Moving Companies

Not all moving companies are legit, even if they have a truck, a contract and say they’ll move your stuff. Make sure the moving company has all of the necessary licensing and registration before signing anything with them.

Sudden Price Increases

Having a solid written agreement with a company before proceeding can reduce the likelihood of an unexpected price increase. Any legitimate moving company will be able to provide you with a proper estimate and void unexpected labour costs, fuel surcharges or worse – in some cases the price can increase and your belongings will be held hostage until you pay.

Make sure to look up any moving company you’re considering hiring online before you begin, and never forget to have a written agreement.


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