Boost Your Home Safety And Avoid House Fires

Did you know that in Ontario alone, there are 3,000 fires caused by electrical wiring problems every single year?

Inspect Routinely: Even small issues can turn into big ones when it comes to electrical wiring. Inspect wires, face plates and electrical cords frequently for signs of fraying or looseness, as these could indicate a larger problem that requires a licensed electrician.

Watch Your Fuses: Blowing fuses is an annoyance, but not typically a big deal. However if you’re constantly blowing fuses or avoiding doing too many activities in one room because you know you’ll blow a fuse, you could be straining your electrical system and need the attention of an electrician.

Pay Attention: Big problems with your electrical wiring can seem small at first – flickering lights or buzzing noises, for example. If you see these, don’t ignore them.

Smoke Detectors: Being prepared is the best way to ensure that if a fire does happen, everyone makes it out safely. Always have working smoke detectors on every level of your home and swap out the batteries for fresh ones twice a year when the clocks change. In addition, always have at least one smoke detector at the ready.






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