Keep Yourself And Your Wallet Cool With These Energy-Saving Tips

It’s hard for many Canadian homeowners to stay comfortably cool during the hottest days of the year without stressing out about their energy bills. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your costs down while still keeping cool:

  • On cooler days, open your back door and front door to increase airflow and ventilation throughout the home, without the use of air conditioning.
  • Consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones, because windows are the number one source of temperature loss – whether it’s cool air in the summer or heat in the winter. While this is an expensive change, it can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your heating and cooling and lower your energy costs.
  • Ensure your roof and exterior walls are made of lighter colours to reflect the hot sun.
  • Keep sunlight out with blinds and curtains during the day, especially if you aren’t home.
  • Plant shade trees near windows to keep the sun from infiltrating your home. In the winter these trees will shed their leaves and let the sun in when you need it.
  • Think about screening in a portion of your deck or patio, creating a cool, shaded place where you can relax on hot days.

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