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Ontario Residents Feeling Favourable About Real Estate Markets

Twice each year, the Ontario Real Estate Association polls Ontario residents’ thoughts on home ownership and their local economies in the Ontario Homeownership Index.

This latest poll found that Ontario residents have experienced the largest positive increase in positive sentiment of the local real estate market and economy since 2013, when the Index began.

In the Greater Toronto Area:

59% of residents in the GTA said their real estate market is stronger than last year.

70% of residents in the GTA think their local economy is good.

63% of residents say their local residential real estate market is favourable.

59% of residents in the GTA said the real estate market in their city will be stronger in the next year.

“With significantly-improved perceptions across all markets and timeframes, it is clear to see why the index has posted its biggest gain to date,” said the vice president of Ipsos Public Affairs, Sean Simpson. “As home prices and sales figures throughout the province continue to astound, it is encouraging to see the Ontarians are feeling optimistic about economies and real estate markets, both provincially and locally. The last time Ipsos polled on Ontario real estate, perceptions of the province’s economy were more negative. Midway through 2016, the economic mood has improved considerably, and while there is undoubtedly still room for improvement, opinion has rebounded, likely carrying perceptions of the real estate market along with it.”