About Muddy York

Our mission at Muddy York is simple.  Our goal is to be the best source of real estate related information for the Central Toronto Real Estate Market.

In keeping with our mission statement, a group of dedicated professionals from within the real estate profession and some peripherial to the real estate community have joined together to provide consumers with a continual supply of relevant, timely and interesting information and updates that influence the real estate domain of Central Toronto.

We hope you enjoy our blog and become a regular vistor to Muddy York.


Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe changed Toronto’s name to York, on August 26, 1793, upon learning of a victory by the Duke of York in Flanders. One of the ensuing nicknames that came into practice at the time was “Muddy York”.

However, due to nicknames such as Muddy York, Little York and the confusion with New York, the name was changed back to Toronto in 1834.

So in honour of our historical past, we have named this blog – Muddy York.


6 responses to “About Muddy York

  1. I find your website info interesting but notice that you show no personal identity.
    The ‘About’ talks about ‘our mission’ but remains faceless.
    It seems that you are in the ‘hit’ and ‘tracking business’?

  2. Real Estate Guide

    Hello Arnold, We are glad that you find our site interesting. Not hit and tracking is not the primary purpose. We just want to provide relevant to the Toronto Real Estate Consumer. If you have any articles that you would like to post, please let us know. Thanks for viewing our site!!!

  3. Great Site!!! Enjoy the different content especially the neighbourhood articles and stories…Keep it up!!! Julie

  4. You’ve created a valuable resource for home owners. Here’s an issue in a condo building: Is it possible for a condominium (in Toronto) to ‘oblige’ a unit owner to let someone in to apply insecticide under the condition that the ‘building regulations’ allow this? If there’s no obvious infestation in a unit and the owners have renovated and sanitized extensively after moving in can this be forced upon them? This should sound ludicrous to any home owner.

  5. Real Estate Guide

    Thanks for comment, John, well you should check out the bylaws of the condominium, especially those that reference access. I would ask the Condo Corp for an explanation for the spraying as well. Let me know if you need more information and we can refer this to Martin Rumack for a legal opinion.

  6. I count over 50 faces contributing and commenting … well done … a very informative, worthwhile site.
    I am interested in moving from my condo on the waterfront to a neighbourhood home in Bloor West Village.
    I would love to know more about property values in this area.
    Thank you;

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